About Kaydence Media

At Kaydence Media Ventures we work with organizations to create a map, chart the course and anchor at the promised destination.

At Kaydence Media Ventures we do not have clients but business partners. We believe that when we partner with you, it is incumbent on us to navigate you to the mission and vision you have created for your organization.

Your success is our success, your failure is our failure – and we never fail.

Our business partners commission us to frame corporate belief systems and company policies; create operative strategies, finance & accounting processes, distinctive commercial plans and corporate communication blueprints; and act as advisor to human capital, technology solutions and risk assessments.

We believe that a conventional business can evolve into an astonishing achievement with defined business solutions, policies and strategies.

Our focus sectors are Tourism, Hospitality, Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, Information Technology, Media, Clean Water Technology, Oil & Natural Gas, Security, Sports, Arts, Retail and Government.

‘A business without a map is like a boat drifting on the ocean aimlessly hoping to reach the promised island’

Kaydence Media Ventures combines in-depth business acumen with global corporate trends, government policies, technological advancements and changing communication techniques to allow our partners to stride on the business track confidently with our bespoke business solutions.

Our Team

Savio Rodrigues

Founder & CEO

Our Founder & CEO is responsible for leading the company’s Strategic Planning, Implementation and Business Development Initiatives.

Savio focuses on Product & Services Development, Partners Associations, Government Relations and Team Building.

He is an alumnus of Our Own English High School Dubai, Government Law College, Mumbai and holds a Hardware & Network Engineering Diploma from BITS Computer Education.

His work experience span: Media – Journalism, PR and Marketing, Vacation Ownerships Marketing, IT Solutions, Content Management and Real Estate.

He is a serial entrepreneur with investments in start-up initiatives in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics space. He also an avid interest new innovative ideas which he promotes through Incubees – An online incubation hub.

He is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of GoaChronicle.com and IndianExpose.com – two online media news platform that focuses on creating a Better Goa and a Better India.

He is also a frequent panelist on TV debate shows on Republic and TimesNow to discuss Indian and Global Affairs.

His philosophy is simple – ‘It is better to throw pebbles into a jar of water to allow the water to rise, instead of throwing a large rock and having the water splashed all around’.

Myrtle Fernandes

Co-Founder & COO

Our COO is responsible for the Business Operations, Partner Associations, Financial Management and Strategic Planning.

She is an alumnus of the Mary Immaculate High School, Mumbai and St Andrews College, Mumbai where she got her Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Her work experience spans – Research & Analysis, Shipping, Vacation Ownership, Financial Institutions – JP Morgan and Bank of America in India.